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Telecom Accounting & Legal Experts

IRREGULATORS is an independent consortium of senior telecom experts, analysts, forensic auditors, and lawyers who are former staffers from the FCC, state advocate and Attorneys General Office, as well as telecom auditors and consultants. Members of the group have been working together, in different configurations, since 1999. New Networks Institute ('NNI') was established in 1992 as a telecommunications market research and consulting firm. Today NNI acts as the Managing Director of IRREGULATORS.

Donate To Take
the FCC to Court

APPEAL THE FCC’s DECISIONS: We are going after the one of the largest accounting scandals in American history — The FCC’s accounting rules have not been audited or fixed for 19 years — and they have diverted billions of dollars per state in expenses, in the wireline phone networks — overcharging customers to fund their other business — while and saving billions in taxes. (Donations go to Teletruth PA)

TCOR: Telecom Opposition Research

NNI & IRREGULATORS just helped to get 32,000 fiber optic lines installed by Verizon New York in underserved areas as well as have the state utility be required to do long needed repairs of the copper networks — that are still in use. The State claims that there are still 2.14 million ‘voice-only’ access lines in service. (Note: This number of copper-based access lines is low for multiple reasons.) We estimate that this settlement is valued at $300 million to $1/2 billion in additional spending by Verizon in New York State over time.

The FCC claims that Net Neutrality and something called “Title II” harmed investment. And the FCC wants to preempt the states from taking actions. Unfortunately for the FCC, we have found a structural flaw — The FCC has never examined the state-based fiber optic broadband commitments, and Title II is used by Verizon to make to divert billions of expenses from their other businesses into the wired networks. The Book of Broken Promises shows we paid for networks we never got– and proves the FCC is trying to manipulate Net Neutrality.